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Alimony (spousal support) is a legal obligation to provide financial support to your spouse after a legal separation or divorce. The idea of alimony is to allow your ex-spouse to continue to live the lifestyle that he/she was accustomed to after divorce.

Delinquent child support payments starting to come in after new state law goes into effect – EL PASO, Texas – Many parents behind on their child support payments are beginning to pay up thanks to a new state law, the Attorney General’s Office said. "Often times the parent who has to pay the.

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5 Things You Should Know About Child Support in Florida Involving Dads in the Lives of Children Born out of. – 29/09/2016  · Holstein said that tying parenting time to child support could be a boon for unmarried parents. Low-income parents, especially, may be unlikely to pursue a parenting time order, because they do not have money for additional court fees. They may also worry that going to court again could make them liable for support payments they can’t afford.

Critics fear that the bill could encourage women to stay in abusive marriages rather than opting for a divorce with no child support. The proposed law also endorses the disputed notion of Parental.

Colwell was admitted to the New Jersey State bar in December of 2001 and the New York State bar in January of 2002.Child Custody. – Experienced St Cloud Attorney Kay Snyder helping clients in Divorce, Family Law, Child Custody, Child Support. Guardianship Attorney New Holstein.

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15/03/2016  · The Missouri Bar last year opposed provisions in Swan’s bill that put limits on judges’ discretion when deciding child support arrangements in cases where equal parenting time is granted; and that required judicial education on shared parenting. This year’s bill no longer includes those provisions, but the group has not yet taken a position on it.

Child Support. Related Law Articles. Even though the new guidelines are purported to be more balanced, Ayers, Holstein, and pro-father groups claim there is still a long way to go toward achieving fair child support guidelines in Massachusetts.